Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baker City Fair

A friendly parrot at the Baker City Fair

The annual Baker City Fair is being held this week, and I visited the exhibits yesterday and came back with a few photos to share with you. There were some exotic animals, like alligator, snakes, tarantulas and a colorful jovial parrot who was friendly with everyone, including photographers. There were various categories of food, vegetables, fruit, cakes, cookies, clothing, embroidery, photography and so much more. Of course animals take the most prominence, as young children and teenagers raise them at their homes and ranches and display them for judging, followed by an auction, which must be a heart-wrenching scene for these children. After raising them faithfully, talking to them, feeding them, washing them and falling in love with them, they have to part from them as they are auctioned off, although they do get some pocket money in return to save for college. 

Jayme Ramos with her sheep

Besides the cows and horses, the chicken and rabbits, ducks and turkeys, the most popular are the hogs and sheep. A few of our young people presented them and got prizes for them, including two pictured here, Jayme Ramos and Hollie Minor, with their respective sheep.
Hollie Minor and her sheep

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