Friday, August 9, 2013

A Blessing for Hands

We thank you Lord, for our hands, and for the many wonderful things we can do with them…
For the hands of firefighters who help put out fires and save lives.
For the hands of writers who write books and articles in the papers.
For the hands of doctors who cure our illnesses and pains and other health-related problems.
For the hands of kind nurses who care for us at clinics and hospitals and nursing homes.
For the hands of priests who forgive us our sins, bless us on many happy occasions, and give us the Body of Christ.
For the hands of teachers who teach us to read and write, help us become decent citizens and guide us through years of schools, colleges and universities.
For the hands of our parents who guide us and protect us, clean us and cook for us, and help us get up when we fall.
For the hands of baseball players who hit home runs and catch fly balls, run and steal bases, and help their teams win the World Series.
For the hands of bakers who bake bread, cakes and cookies and everything our hearts desire.
For the hands of painters and artists who create beautiful paintings for us to admire and for the Museums to show them off.
For the hands of farmers who grow vegetables and fruits for us to enjoy, and grow hay for the animals, as well as plant beautiful flowers to embellish our gardens.
For the hands of pianists, flutists and violinists and other performers who entertain us with their virtuosity, concertos and recitals.

For the hands of children who grab crayons, smash cookies and play with toys, while using their tiny fingers to send instant messages on their cell-phones.
For the hands of toddlers who use crayons of walls, smash cookies to smithereens, and break toys apart in seconds.
For the hands of older siblings who are patient and loving towards their little brothers and sisters and teach them many tricks, including occasional mischief around the house.
For the hands of secretaries who type, take messages and answer phone-calls all day long.
For the hands of politicians who write and sign rules and regulations, while they vote on passing important laws and directives for their constituents.
For the hands of the Blessed Mother, who gave us Jesus, after raising him with love and affection that any mother would show towards her offspring.
For the hands of Jesus, who healed lepers, performed miracles, broke bread while feeding thousands, and whose hands were crucified on the cross for us.
And for God’s own hands, who created all we have, and for guiding us in the right path to heaven.

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