Sunday, August 25, 2013

St Julian

Statue of Saint Julian

These photos speak for themselves, as the procession with the statue of St Julian is held today. The statue was crafted in 1893, 120 years ago by the artist Carlo Darmanin. It was made of paper-mache, and it is the pride of everyone who lives in the village of St Julian's. 
Carlo Darmanin, the sculptor of the statue

Vestments and chalices displayed in the church

The relic of St Julian is also carried in the procession, accompanied by altar-servers, lay-people, and other parish representatives. Fireworks and marching bands are also prominent throughout the evening. Il-Festa t-Tajba lil-Giljanizi kollha (Happy Feast to the folks of St Julian's parish)
The statue of St Julian being taken out in procession from the parish church

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