Monday, August 26, 2013

Children's questions to Jesus

Dear Jesus, we have a few questions for you – you know how children are always inquisitive about everything they see around them. So here are a few questions for you….

Dear Jesus, we love your flowers – how we wish that the blind can see them!
Dear Jesus, you made a great invention when you made birds fly, and sing so beautifully to each other.
Dear Jesus, where did you get all that water in our seas – we enjoy swimming in it!
Dear Jesus, how do you keep the sun up, without falling – and so we can see what we’re doing with its bright light.
Dear Jesus, how do you light all those lamps and stars in the sky, for everyone to see and for no one to count.
Dear Jesus, how do you fit in my heart, since it is so small – but the important thing is that you stay there.

Dear Jesus, why do some people don’t like you, since you are so beautiful – please forgive them and bring them back to you.
Dear Jesus, do you ever sleep – you’re always so busy and taking care of everyone?
Dear Jesus, did your mom sew that nice robe you wear? – maybe from some money your daddy earned at his carpenter’s shop?
Dear Jesus, did your mom ever bought you any toys – to play and share with your friends?
Dear Jesus, will we be able to play while in heaven? – they told us in religion classes that in heaven we will have a different body.
Dear Jesus, there are many children who have never heard of you – could you reach out to them and visit them, whenever you have some free time?
Dear Jesus, your mom is really beautiful – we have many of her statues in our church, and they are all so pretty.
Dear Jesus, you are really patient with us – this shows how much you love us and desire that we stay close to you.
Dear Jesus, did your mom let you play with other children – probably as long as they were nice and well-behaved.

Dear Jesus, prepare for us a nice place with you in heaven – I’ll be there with my parents, with my brothers and sisters and my grandparents, I hope we can all fit in there!
Dear Jesus, come and live with us for a few days – my dad will fix a room for you to stay in...or you can even take my bed and stay in my room.
Dear Jesus, come and play with us – we will be happy to play your games, and share ours with you.
Dear Jesus, have mercy on those who use bad words, so that they can love you more – our teacher told us to say “Blessed be God” when we hear them curse.

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