Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tour de France

The 4 jersey leaders in the Tour de France 2011 edition

Every year throughout the month of July, one of the most grueling races is held in France, the Tour de France, this year celebrating its 100th edition. It actually started in 1903, but stopped for 10 years during World War II. It is by far the toughest races that stretches over 4 weeks, as the top professional bikers sprint, climb and maneuver through incredible twists and turns to finish the over 2000 miles, over 21 stages, ending in Paris. The leader wears the yellow jersey, but there are 3 other jerseys that are worn throughout the race, identifying the respective leaders in other categories. The white jersey with red polka dots jersey is for the leader of the climbing category, excelling in mountain climbing. The green is for the points classification for the sprinters, and the white jersey is for the young rider classification for the riders under the age of 26.
Three donkeys dressed in the jersey leaders
Last year, cute scene was visible during one of the stages when three donkeys were dressed in the respective jerseys of the leaders. I have been a Tour de France aficionado for many decades, and since it is always screened on TV (presently NBC Sports Network,) I try to follow it religiously. I also follow the Giro d’Italia as well as the Spanish Vuelta, the other two major bicycle road-races, held respectively in May and August each year.

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