Saturday, June 1, 2013

National 'Go Barefoot' Day

Footprints on the sand

As many of you know, people try to create a National Day for any imaginable object, condition or situation. Well, today is declared as the National ‘Go Barefoot’ Day in the USA. As many who know me, I love sandals and flip-flops, although never go barefoot, except if I’m on a sandy beach, which I did only twice here in Oregon - when I visited the Oregon coast and walked on the sand for a few minutes, leaving a few footprints along the way. I love the story of Moses when he saw the burning bush, and God told him to take his sandals off his feet, because he was walking on sacred ground. 
Kneeling on holy ground
I have a custom to taking pictures of myself kneeling down in churches, reminiscing the fact that every church is a sacred place, a holy place, literally holy ground. This photo is one of my favorites, taken at the Infirmary chapel in St Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts, where I spent 6 months before coming to Oregon in 2003. As the weather is warming up all over the globe, may I suggest that you put on your sandals or flip-flops today, or walk barefoot on grass, sand, your carpet, and just feel connected with nature, just as God wanted us to be. After all, we were not born wearing Nike sneakers or Armani shoes, and besides nothing helps our feet better than giving them some much deserved freedom.

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