Wednesday, June 19, 2013

36th Anniversary

Ordination day with Archbishop Mercieca
I join today my 12 classmates in Malta as we celebrate our 36th anniversary of our Ordination to the priesthood. We were ordained by Archbishop Joseph Mercieca at St John's Cathedral in Valletta Malta on June 19, 1977. All of our parents and brothers and sisters were alive back then, although the majority of parents are now enjoying their eternal rest, besides a few siblings who also left this earth. 

With my family after the Ordination
Incidentally I will be offering my Mass today at exactly the same time as my classmates in Malta. Mine will be at 9 AM at the St Alphonsus hospital chapel, and their concelebrated Mass will be at the major Seminary in Rabat at 6 PM. All my classmates are presently in Malta with a few of them still serving as pastors at various churches, although since all of us are now in our 60s, a few of them are taking it easy, not necessarily retired, but slowing down a little bit. Ad Multos Annos to all as we celebrate 3 dozen years in the service of the Lord.
My Ordination holy card

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Thank you Fr. Julian for your sacrifice and your love in serving the Lord throughout these 36 years. You are a blessing because of the dedication and caring you exemplify in ministry as parish priest.