Sunday, June 23, 2013

St Joseph 'upgraded'

An anonymous painting of St Joseph, as carpenter, with his son Jesus.

I have always said that our dear St Joseph deserves much more attention than he actually gets. Most of his exposure is at Christmas time when his image is portrayed in millions of Christmas cards that are exchanged around the world. This week Pope Francis ‘upgraded’ St Joseph by delegating all the priests to insert his name in the Eucharistic Prayers after the name of Mary, adding “her spouse St Joseph.” I have personally been doing this ever since I was ordained, and have always mentioned his name with that of his wife, the Saint of the day and the patron Saint of the Parish in which I was serving, presently St Francis De Sales. 
In his official decree, Pope Francis wrote that "St Joseph stands as an exemplary model of the kindness and humility that the Christian faith raises to a great destiny, and demonstrates the ordinary and simple virtues necessary for men to be good and genuine followers of Christ. Through these virtues, this Just man, caring most lovingly for the Mother of God and happily dedicating himself to the upbringing of Jesus Christ, was placed as guardian over God the Father’s most precious treasures." St Joseph, pray for us!

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  1. Does Satan have blonde hair? havent seen this one before