Thursday, June 13, 2013

8 years at the Cathedral

Today I officially start my 9th year here as pastor at the Cathedral parish. It has been a blessing serving the people and seeing our parish community grow and change over the past 8 years. Time has really flown by, even though as you all know I have not been idle during these years. We have accomplished a lot and even more will be accomplished, God willing.
The many children I baptized when I first arrived here just received their First Holy Communion, while many of the children to whom I gave First Holy Communion over the past 8 years have recently been confirmed by Bishop Liam Cary. I wonder if I’ll be here to do the weddings of some of them!  It shows how time flies, and I am amazed at the changes that took place in our parish over the past 8 years. Of course we all got a little older, a little greyer, and for some of us our hairline did not change much.
The life of the parish has always focused on liturgy, celebrations, renewal and community spirit. Naturally by far the biggest and most obvious transformation was the renovation of our Cathedral sanctuary done in the summer of 2007, to coincide with the centennial of our Cathedral, which we celebrated in October that year, as well as on April 9, 2008, the actual day of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral. My gratitude is to all parishioners, and all those who support me through their talent, time and treasure. May we continue to build on our strong foundations, our faith, our adherence to what keeps us together, and to one another.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Father Julian! We are blessed to have you with us all this time.