Sunday, June 16, 2013

My father through the years

My dad with my sisters Rosemarie and Josephine, 1953
As we celebrate Father’s Day today, I have to look back at the younger days of my father, especially through 3 photos from three different decades. And I share just a few lines from the homily I gave at my father’s funeral back in January 2002.
"The tremendous amount of good that my father accomplished was done with sincere and genuine humility. Whether he was painting a room, or plastering a roof before the rainy season, whether he was decorating a cake or weeding a garden, whether he was ironing a mountain of clothes or preparing a rabbit or a chicken for us to eat, he did everything with a sincere interest, sheer joy and a total commitment. 

My father and mother, 1966
Following the end of the war, my dad entered the Police Department, a career which he served with pride, honor and impeccable devotion. He was loved, respected and fulfilled his duties with utmost dedication, and gave his life, heart and soul to help retain order in our nation, which was going through some troublesome period. It was the highlight of my week when he used to take me or my brother to his Office, where we ended up playing with everything we found on his desk. In a letter sent to him in 1971 by the ex-Police Commissioner Vivian deGray, he wrote about my father: "Mr John Cassar worked under me in the Police Force for over 25 years. He was always employed on clerical duties to the full satisfaction of his superiors. Mr Cassar is a courteous, respectful, capable, conscientious and reliable clerk of unimpeachable probity and integrity."
In his summer uniform as a policeman, 1971
In one of the letters he used to write to me every week, precisely on the occasion of my parents' 50th Anniversary 3 years ago, (that was 1998,) I remember my dad writing to me that one of the best things that ever happened to him was when he met my mother. . . . . they knew each other since they were very young, and got married young too, but the way they raised our family is nothing short of a masterpiece. I do not say this just to show off, but those who knew him well, know exactly what I mean."

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