Saturday, June 22, 2013

Doctor Julian Cassar

Dr Julian Cassar on left, and brother Peter on right (2010 photo)

It is with great honor that I share with you a brief profile of my nephew Julian, who yesterday officially became a doctor, after he passed all his final exams, and can now showcase the acronym MD after his name. I cannot believe that this young man, who shares my same name, whom I baptized back in 1990, and whom I’ve seen growing into a toddler, young handsome boy and a charming teenager, is now a Medical Doctor. It is a proud accomplishment for his entire family, his father Marcel, a Senior Vice-President of  FimBank, a specialist trade finance bank,  and mother Maria, who herself is graduating as a Bachelor of Art this year, as well as younger brother Peter, who himself will be starting medical school in September. 
Baby Julian in 1991, aged 1
Both Julian and Peter attended private schools, especially the 5 years they spent at St Aloysius College in Malta, besides two years in Junior College. Julian will now take just one week off from studies and will start work in a week at the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta, where he will serve for 2 years before deciding which area he would like to specialize in. I’m sure the 2 years of experience at the start of his medical career will open up for him various areas in which he will find himself comfortable choosing his area of expertise. 

In the year 2000, with Peter in the middle and Julian on the right

Our prayers are with him and his brother as they help each other in the important medical field and share their talents to help people get better and feel better. After carrying my title as Father Julian Cassar for over 36 years, I am honored that the other namesake I know of, is my dear nephew, whom I can now call Doctor Julian Cassar.

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