Friday, June 21, 2013

Pope Paul VI - elected 50 years ago

Pope Paul VI (June 21 1963 - 6 August 1978)
This has been a month of milestones and anniversaries, and we celebrate yet another one today. It was 50 years ago today that the cardinals elected Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini as the new Pope to replace Blessed Pope John XXIII. He took the name of Paul VI and would continue the Vatican Council II, started by his predecessor. These are some other milestones from his life.
Born  - September 26, 1897
Ordained priest - May 29, 1920
Consecrated Bishop - December 12, 1954
Made Cardinal - December 15, 1958
Elected Pope - June 21, 1963
Died - August 6, 1978 (aged 80)

August 1966 - as an altar boy with Pope Paul VI
I was honored to have served at the Vatican in the summer of 1966, and we had an audience with Pope Paul VI, during which I had a historic photo taken of me kissing the hand and ring of the Pontiff, one of my most treasured items.

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