Saturday, June 27, 2015

To be like Jesus

To wait for You, patiently.                                                                                                    
To speak to You, eloquently.                                                                                                   
To think of You, thoughtfully.                                                                                              
To smile at You, happily.                                                                                                    
To work for You, arduously.                                                                                           
To imitate Your example, devotedly.                                                                                               
To follow You, faithfully.                                                                                                  
To dream of You, meditatingly.                                                                                            
To write about You, constructively.                                                                    
To be nourished with Your Body and Blood, spiritually.
To yearn for You, eagerly.                                                                                                   
To preach about You, energetically.                                                                                             
To forgive like You, mercifully.                                                                                       
To love like You, unconditionally.                                                                                  
To rejoice with You, enthusiastically.                                                                                     
To listen to You, attentively.                                                                                                
To read about You, diligently. 
To trust in You, hopefully.                                                                                              
To feel for others like You, compassionately.                                                                   
To pray like You, devotionally.                                                                     
To defend You, courageously.                                                                                            
To give like You, generously.                                                                                             
To show concern towards others like You, passionately. 
To console like You, comfortingly.                                                                                            
To repent like You, sincerely.                                                                                                 
To act like You, courageously.                                                                                        
To persevere like You, whole-heartedly.                                                                           
To be like You, peacefully and prayerfully.

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