Sunday, June 7, 2015

The greatest gift - the Eucharist

The Blessed Sacrament at our historic church
Without any doubt, the greatest gift Jesus could have left us was in the Eucharist. He also gave us His mother Mary as our Mother, just before He died on the cross, but a few hours earlier, he gave us His Body and His Blood, literally and figuratively, as our everlasting spiritual food. We are also honored to adore His presence every day. Not only in our own church, but in every church around the world, the Blessed Sacrament is present for Adoration, prayer and private time with the Lord. When people pray in His presence, miracles happen, as many people can tell you. 
The Blessed Sacrament at St Julian's church, Malta
Today’s celebration of Corpus Christi further accentuates the respect and reverence we should all show to the Eucharist. Processions are held in various countries, a tradition started by St Juliana of Liege in the 12th century.
The Blessed Sacrament at Holy Family, Hicksville, NY