Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 Parish High School Graduates

Parishioners who graduated from High School this past weekend
Yesterday I showed you the 8th Grade Graduates from our Catholic Parish School. Today I will introduce you to the High School students who are parishioners of St Francis. Unfortunately not all of them were there, but these were the ones who were at the Baccalaureate Mass on Sunday.
From left to right are : Elizabeth Lasilla, Emily Hyde, Mackenzie Halligan, Gabe Wyllie, Teddie Widmer, Rebecca Slough and Macey Connors. Among those who could not be at the Mass were Joseph Schwarz, Alexis Rastovich, Victoria Rastovich, Carol Sanchez, Joel Arker, Shannon Brennan, Cesar Eligio, Jorge Garcia, Michael Hayes, Carmen McBride, Joseph McCance, Ellen Nopp, Ezequiel Rivera, Joseph Theobald,
Jasmine Dominguez, Tia Hatton and Dillon Slye. Congratulations to all.

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