Sunday, June 14, 2015

From watercolor to stained-glass

Next to the stained-glass window installed at the Phaneuf residence in Bend, OR
One of our new families in our parish just moved here from Minnesota over the past 6 months. They moved to a house which had a window opening inside and thought of installing a stained-glass window in its place, something to remind them of Oregon. So they discovered some of my watercolor paintings and asked me if I could create something that would fit there. Obviously I was honored they liked my style of painting, which is very simple and amateurish.
The original watercolor used as a base model
Lo and behold, I created a landscape scene and within a few months, they had the painting-turned-stained-glass installed. So this past week, I was asked to visit them again and sign the finished masterpiece. Thanks to Dianne and Pat Phaneuf, I now have a painting that has been transferred into a stained-glass window, which is a faithful reproduction, complete with mountains, cat-tails, rocks, trees and a canoe.
Signing the finished stained-glass window
The stained-glass as seen from the other side

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  1. What a compliment - to have your watercolor turned into stained glass. Beautifully done and as stained glass does, brings out a whole new dimension in artistic life.