Monday, June 1, 2015

Pope Francis - a candid interview - part 1

In a recent interview with an Argentine newspaper, Pope Francis said he misses the “tranquility of walking in the streets” and that he's always been “callejero” – a man of the city. The interview was published May 24, and is the result of a 45 minute meeting between the pontiff and a journalist and photographer. Pope Francis said that since being elected Pope, he misses being able to “go out in the streets,” or even “going to a pizzeria to eat a good pizza.” When the journalist told him that he can always order a delivery pizza, he responded: “it is not the same thing.”
“I have always been a 'callejero.' When I was cardinal, I loved walking the streets, and taking buses and the underground,” he said. He noted that “from a psychological point of view, I cannot live without people, I am not useful as a monk.” The Pope said that this is the reason why he chose to live in the Saint Martha residence. There are 210 rooms. We are 40 living there and working for the Holy See, while the rest of people are guests, bishops, priests, lay people who pass and are accommodated here, and I like this a lot. Coming here, eating in the refectory where everybody eats, celebrating Mass there, where four days a week there are people from the outside, from the parish priests. I like it a lot,” he said.

Pope Francis also revealed details surrounding his day-to-day life. “I sleep so profoundly” – he said – “that as soon as I get in bed, I fall asleep. I sleep six hours a day. Normally, I stay in bed from 9 p.m., and read until almost 10 p.m. As soon as one of my eyes waters, I turn off the light and I sleep until 4 a.m., when I wake up by myself, thanks to my biological clock.” During the afternoons, Pope Francis takes a siesta that last from 40 minutes to one hour. “When I don’t take the siesta, I suffer,” he said. Pope Francis also said that he never dreamed of being a Pope, and that he had planned to return to Argentina from the 2013 conclave to live as a simple priest and confessor. (to be continued tomorrow)

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