Monday, June 8, 2015

A lesson from the Geese

Every spring, we notice a contingent of geese migrating up north to warmer climate, and in the fall, we see them heading south for warmer climates in the winter. It’s such a fascinating sight seeing those hundreds of geese following each other in that breath-taking V-formation. Have you realized how much we can learn from watching these geese fly past us?

 - When geese fly in formation, they travel about 70% faster than when they fly alone. (Christians who have a sense of community can travel that way more effectively.)
 - Geese share leadership. When the one in the front gets tired, he rotates back to the wing and another flies forward to take his place. (What does this say about sharing?)
 - Geese honk from behind. Those in the rear honk to urge those in front to keep their speed up. (What can we do to encourage and support our leaders?)

 - Geese keep company with the fallen. When a weak or sick goose drops out of the flight, at least other joins him to help and protect. As God’s people, we are to care for each other on the way “gearing one another’s burdens to fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)
- Geese mate for life. You see a male and female together all the time - and they keep the same mate for life. What does this teach us about marriage and fidelity and relationships?
We can learn a lot from geese, can’t we?

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