Monday, June 15, 2015

Table Graces

A Norman Rockwell painting - Thanksgiving Dinner
As families gather for dinner, may I suggest some table graces, which can be shared by children, parents and anyone sitting around the dinner table. 

Our Father, we are grateful for this family,
who hand in hand form one unbroken circle.
Help us to do your will,
as caring individuals and as a loving family. Amen.

We thank you Lord, for happy hearts,
for rain and sunny weather.
We thank you Lord, for this our food,
and that today we are together.

We’re thankful for the many things
Our Heavenly Father sends:
For love and faith and strength and health,
For home and food and friends.
A caricature of the Rockwell painting, which is happening too often
For bright lights and warm fires,
we thank You o Lord.
For good food and the clothes we wear,
we thank You o Lord.
For the care and love of father and mother,
we thank You o Lord.
For friends who come to be our guests,
we thank You o Lord.
For all the things you have given us to enjoy,
we thank You o Lord.
For true happiness which comes when we share,
we thank You o Lord.

For each new morning with its light....
For rest and shelter of the night......
For health and food, for love and friends......
For everything Your goodness sends.....
We thank you Father.

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