Monday, December 1, 2014

An Advent bedtime blessing for your child

May the Lord bless you, †† my little one, as you sleep, with dreams your heart will keep.
Do not fear, my child, for Mary and Joseph are near and Christmas will soon be here.
Think of the stars so bright that guided the shepherds on that holy night.
Before you wake from your slumber may the choirs of angels fill you with wonder.
May you receive precious gifts as baby Jesus did from the three Kings.
But remember always that you are our most priceless gift received from God.

May you stay warm just the infant Jesus stayed warm with the sheep and lambs near him, brought over by the nearby shepherds.
May you wake up refreshed, and enjoy a pleasant day, while letting us do our chores.
So again, my little one, close your eyes tight.
May Jesus, the Lord, bless you †† and hold you this night. Amen.

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