Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Malta's snowmen

A Maltese Frosty the Snowman made from hail.
They're going crazy in Malta as the temperatures are dipping into the 30s Fahrenheit. Yesterday the temperature reached 36 degrees Fahrenheit, which is recorded as 2 degrees Celsius. They had a lot of rain, and also quite a bit of hail, enough for some children to create a few snowmen. This is a rare event in Malta as it never snows, even though today some people observed what they called some 'light snow' which was probably light hail. 
A man pushing hail with a squeegee, as they don't have snow shovels in Malta
These photos show some people even pushing away some of the hail, which actually looks like snow. Well, if it's any consolation, the temperature here in Bend, Oregon reached -8 degrees Fahrenheit early this morning, which is -22 degrees Celsius. One can see this on my cell-phone early this morning at 4:46 AM.
Minus 8 degrees F in Bend, Oregon, USA
We might as well enjoy this cold weather, as in July we'll be complaining of how hot it is when we have to deal with temperatures close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or around 37 degrees Celsius. Enjoy this photo of one of my churches engulfed in snow as it appeared yesterday.
Our historic church during a snowstorm.
Another Snowman from Malta made from hail.
A Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year to all visitors of this blog. Special thanks to those who hit the "Like' button on the parish Facebook page. God bless you.


  1. Malta and hail snow - how unusual! That's about the cutest "Frosty" the snowman I've ever seen - brought a smile to my lips and warmth to my heart on this cold frosty morning....

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