Monday, December 29, 2014

Storms of Life

It seems that everywhere in the world, storms and bad weather are effecting everyone right now. Storms in Malta, snow and sub-freezing temperatures in Oregon, and disruption in most European countries. Then there are other storms we have to deal with on a daily basis in our personal lives. But trusting Jesus we should have nothing to worry about.

When storms of life are raging and doubt reaches my way,
remind me of Your love, Lord, to keep my fears at bay.

When all I see is failure and mountains, hard to climb,
just whisper in my ear, O Lord, that You are still sublime.

This life may disappoint me and so may people too.
Lord, show me Your faithfulness and keep me true to You.

When tears do fill my eyes, Lord, and I'm seemingly blind,
walk with me, Precious Jesus, and ease my tired mind. 

Take me by the hand, Lord, when roads are washing out.
Provide me with protection and keep me from all doubt.

When I'm getting real tired from struggling day and night,
hold me tight, dear Jesus, Please, be my guiding light.

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