Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A ring in a carrot

A Swedish woman has discovered her wedding ring on a carrot growing in her garden, 16 years after she lost it. Lena Paahlsson had long ago lost hope of finding the ring, which she designed herself. The white-gold band, set with seven small diamonds, went missing in her kitchen in 1995.
Although the ring no longer fits, she hopes to have it enlarged so she can wear it again. Mrs Paahlsson and her family live on a farm near Mora in central Sweden. She took the ring off to do some Christmas baking with her daughters, but it disappeared from the work surface where it had been left. The family searched everywhere and years later took up the tiling on the floor during renovations, in the hope of finding the ring, obviously with no success.
It was not until 16 years later when Mrs. Paahlsson was pulling up carrots in her garden that she noticed one with the gold band fastened tightly around it.

Lena Paahlsson and her husband, Ola Paahlsson and husband Ola say it is incredible that the ring has been found. "The carrot was sprouting in the middle of the ring. It is quite incredible," her husband Ola said. The couple believe the ring fell into a sink back in 1995 and was lost in vegetable peelings that were turned into compost or fed to their sheep.

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