Sunday, November 30, 2014

Come, Lord Jesus

Come Lord Jesus, bring peace to our homes, to our hearts, to our parish and to our souls, and make Your presence be felt always.

Come Lord Jesus, change the sorrow in our lives into joy, turn the frustrations in our lives into peaceful calmness, and fill the darkness in our lives with Your bright Light of the Christmas season.

Come Lord Jesus, and remind us to be patient with each other, especially in this busy time of the year, and help us to be tolerant, appreciative and compassionate towards those who are hurting and feel abandoned.

Come Lord Jesus, and along with the hundreds of Christmas cards we exchange, remind us to exchange also a timely smile to the sad, the lonely and the discouraged, and a handshake or a hug with those yearning for love and companionship.

Come Lord Jesus, and create a sense of harmony in our lives, and may we recognize you in the simple things of life, in soft falling rain or snow, in the cooing of a baby, in sunrises and sunsets, in quiet winter evenings sitting by the fireplace, in walking barefoot on the sand or on the grass, in driving along with no traffic around you.

Come Lord Jesus, and improve our disposition to help others more willingly, to pray more fervently and to love others unconditionally.

Come Lord Jesus, encourage us to get to know You more clearly, to love You more dearly, to follow You more nearly.

Come Lord Jesus, and while we Await for Your Coming, Prepare for Your Approaching, Rejoice at Your Arrival, and Behold Your Presence, make us realize that You are always with us in all the people we encounter daily.

Come Lord Jesus, and may we protect You like the Blessed Mother, feel proud of You like St Joseph, announce Your arrival joyously like the Angels, adore you humbly like the shepherds, and reverence You like the Three Kings.

Come Lord Jesus, and as we decorate our homes for this season, may we also remember to wear a Faith-filled countenance and have a love-oriented approach to everyday life.

Come Lord Jesus, and bring Peace to our World, Love to our Hearts, Faith to our Families, and Hope to our unknown Future.

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