Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby Jesus at the Vatican

Baby Jesus enthroned at the Vatican basilica
I was so impressed by the image of Baby Jesus as it was displayed inside St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican during the Christmas Eve Mass. I could not find any good photos of this, so I took some photos myself from the transmission screened through the Internet. Therefore the images are not very sharp, but presentable nonetheless. 
The Book of the Gospels, with calligraphy and an illumination of the Nativity, was placed behind the image of Baby Jesus and created a beautiful backdrop. The stand on which the Gospel Book was placed was used during Vatican Councils I and II, respectively in 1870 and 1962. Another image is of the large statue of the Madonna and child which Pope Francis reverenced at the end of the Mass. I hope you enjoy these pictures and bring you all peace and joy in your hearts.
Pope Francis blessing the statue of the Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child sculpture

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