Friday, November 29, 2013

Julian Cassar MD

Dr Julian Cassar with mother Maria, brother Peter and father Marcel
It was a very happy day yesterday for my family as my nephew Julian graduated officially as Medical Doctor with 87 of his classmates at the Jesuits Church in Valletta, Malta. He had started working at the local Mater Dei Hospital since he finished and passed his final exams in June, but since they celebrate Graduations in November in Malta, he had to wait till November 28 to get his degree. And as we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the USA, it was a Thanksgiving too in my family as this little boy grew up to be a doctor, with his brother Peter following in his footsteps, just starting Medical School.
One year old Julian in the summer of 1991
It is my honor today to dedicate this post for him and his family, sharing some photos I took of my namesake and his brother over the years. I always told him to become something big as he had my name to show, but little did I know that after Fr Julian we now have Dr Julian Cassar. Congratulations! We’re so proud of you.
With nephews Julian and Peter in 1999
Again with my nephews in 2004 in Malta

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