Sunday, November 10, 2013

First steps

Prepping up for the Tour de France

After yesterday's post showing you the house where I was born, I share with you today the very first photos taken of me, most probably taken by one of my uncles, since I don't remember my parents having a camera during my early childhood years. The first one shows me on a tricycle, balancing precariously and wearing what some people referred to as a dress. Well, since my mother had two girls ahead of me, it was common that as a baby I would wear some hand-me-downs. Moreover some people called what I was wearing a 'rumper' which one might call a 1950s unisex outfit. However my main concern was how on earth I was balancing on a tricycle when I probably didn't even walk at that time.

First steps, and lots of bumps and bruises
The second photo was probably taken as they were waiting for my first solo walk, outfitted in the cloth diapers my mother used for many years. God bless innocence, childhood and the early 1950s!

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