Saturday, November 23, 2013

Animals in the Bible

The donkey that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday is listed as an ass
I did a little research about the animals that are listed in the Bible. Combining any mention of animals or group of animals, this is the list that I came up with, in alphabetical order. Some of them may sound strange to you, as they did to me, but they are listed as animals, and so I included them too, 122 in all.
Adder (a hissing viper,) animal, ant, ape, asp, ass,
Badger, basilisk, (a type of serpent,) bat, bear, beast, bee, beetle, beeves (beef cow,) behometh (gigantic beasts,) bird, bittern (type of crane,) boar, bullock, burnt offering.
Calf, camel, cankerworm, caterpillar, cattle, chameleon, chamois, cockatrice (poisonous serpent), coney (mountain animals,) cormorant (type of pelican,) cow, crane, cuckoo.
Dog, doleful creatures, dove, dragon, dromedary.
Eagle, egg, elephant.

Fallow-deer, fatling, ferret, fiery serpent, fish, flea, fleece, fox, frog.
Gier eagle, gnat, goat, goldencalf, grasshopper, greyhound,
Hare, hart, hawk, he-ass, heifer, hen, herd, heron, hind, hoof, hornet, horse, horse-leech,

Kangaroo, kid, kine (buffaloes,) kite.
Lamb, lapwing, leopard, leviathan, lice, lions, lizards, locust.

The quail I photographed last year, male on left, female on right
Mole, moth, mouse, mule,
Osprey, ossifrage (a bearded vulture,) ostrich, owl, ox
Palmer-worm, partridge, peacock, pelicans, pigeon, pygarg (white antelope.)

Ram, raven. roe,
Satyr (hairy goat,) scapegoat, serpent, sheep, snail, sparrow, spider, sponge, stork, swallow, swan, swine.
Tortoise, turtle.                

Weasel, whale, wolf, worm.

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