Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being thankful

This year I am thankful for being here in my new home, with my new family at St Francis in Bend, and grateful for past parishes, parishioners and friends.
I am thankful for having Fr Joseph with me to help in our healing and invigorating growth of our parish.
I am thankful for parents who set the example for their children, and for children who keep their parents on their toes and frequently on their knees.
I am grateful for the many volunteers who give and share their gifts and talents without asking for anything back in return.

I am grateful for my GPS on my phone that can find difficult-to-find addresses in this big city, especially in those winding and distant streets.
I will be grateful also when the authorities change one of the main streets from Route 97 to 96 or 94 or 93, anything but 2 Route 97s!
I am thankful for those who spend hours praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament week after week, day after day.
I am grateful for the three Bomke children who volunteered to provide and cut the straw for baby Jesus’ manger.

I am grateful for the generous donors who contributed within a few hours to buy 2 new chalices and a new Monstrance and crucifix for our historic church.
I am grateful also for those who no longer support their church, because I am praying for them, that their heart and their attitude will change soon.
I am thankful when seeing our school children and those in our Faith Formation program eagerly participate in various projects and classes we organize for them.
I am thankful that you made the effort to be here today in church, and grateful also that a turkey takes 3 to 4 hours to cook, so that you don’t have to worry about it burning or overcooking.

I am grateful for the SAVE Button on the computer, for free WIFI in unexpected places, for e-mail, for 300 daily hits on my blog, for digital photography and for a new parish website we will be starting soon.
I thankful for everyone’s health and well-being, for the many seniors I already visited in hospitals and nursing homes, and for safety on the roads during the holiday season.
I am thankful for my family, the upbringing I had by my parents, for my siblings, and for my two nephews, one of whom, Julian, is graduating as a medical doctor precisely today.
I am thankful because even though I’m loaded with work, I cannot be happier working with you, praying with you and simply mingling with all of you.

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