Saturday, November 2, 2013

2003-2005 - St Elizabeth of Hungary, John Day, OR

Christmas at St Elizabeth's in John Day, OR
The start of my ministry in the Baker Diocese was in March 2003, when Bishop Robert Vasa drove me to my new parish in John Day, dropped me off and simply said "OK Father Julian, you're on your own!" That was the start of two and a half years of re-organizing a small country parish with people collaborating and cooperating with me to bring a new spirit in the parish dedicated to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. The church was built in 1939 and did not change much over the years, although the inside was frequently remodeled giving the sanctuary area a new look, especially during Christmas and Easter. Once again, I worked well with the children, re-organizing the Religious Ed program, which I taught myself in groups, with the help of some volunteer parishioners. 
Teaching the children about Baptism in John Day.
I also had two mission churches to attend to, one in Long Creek and the other in Monument with an average attendance of anywhere between 5 to 15 people at each church. The parishioners in John Day were about 150 and they welcomed me enthusiastically. Eventually, after I left them in June of 2005, they would have 5 pastors within 8 years and each one of them brought his own style and gifts, as the people adjusted as best as they could to constant changes.
St Katharine mission church in Long Creek/Dale, OR

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