Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 - St Francis of Assisi, Bend, OR

St Francis of Assisi new church, built in 2009

Still feeling like the new kid on the block, I started my ministry here in Bend on October 17, and it has been as hectic as I ever imagined it to be. Shuttling between two big churches has become routine for me and I enjoy serving in both of them, with the weekend Masses heavily attended and with a very generous attendance even at the weekday Masses, which are held in the historic church, built in 1920 and run by the Capuchin Franciscans for 66 years. 
An elaborate reredos at the St Francis historic church,

Recently a number of pastors have served here with a few more Associates helping out this ever-increasing town with close to 90,000 residents. The number of Catholics may be around 5,500, including a large number of Hispanics for whom we offer a weekend Mass in Spanish, besides other classes and celebrations.

Myself with Fr Joseph by the historic church
The new church was built in 2009, and is adjacent to the parish offices and the Catholic School, which originally had their own school in downtown Bend, and which has recently been transformed int a pub, movie theater and health spa, known as McMenamin's. With me as an Associate is a priest from Kerala, India, Fr Joseph Kunnelaya, and together we bring the missionary spirit into the parish, as well as a spirit of healing, harmony and happiness.

Perpetual Adoration at the historic church
Stained glass window at the new church
Please check the parish website, which is being upgraded, while hoping to also include a photo gallery, as soon as I find out how to manage the entire website, which seems a little bit complicated at the moment - St Francis of Assisi, Bend, OR

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