Saturday, December 1, 2012

Festival of Trees

December is probably the busiest month for many people; it is possibly the happiest month and yet for others it may be the saddest month, especially for those who are alone. Throughout this month, I will share photos and reflections and inspirational messages related to Advent and Christmas. I hope these posts will cheer you up, but most importantly helps you keep the focus of the reason for this season, the birth of Christ, in Bethlehem, in our homes, in our hearts, in our parishes and communities. 

Yesterday right here in Baker City, the annual Festival of Trees was held, sponsored by the local Catholic hospital, where over 20 beautifully decorated trees were auctioned off, apart from many other smaller trees and wreaths. As usual, I was asked to give a Blessing on this event, and among other things I prayed that “the lights on the trees may symbolize the presence of hope and love in our community and homes, and may each light stand for a simple smile we can give to those who may feel sad or lonely this Christmas. Let us remember those whose light does not shine as bright as it should, those who are struggling to make a life for themselves and their families, those in the Armed Forces and those who suffered a loss of some kind this past year, especially the people in the northeast, still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.”
Below are some photos form the beautifully decorated trees, with different themes, and some close-ups of intricate decorations, from this year and years past.
Raggedy Ann and Andy - 2012
Handmade origami items - 2011
Decorating the Cathedral Centennial Tree in 2007

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