Monday, December 17, 2012

Angels in heaven

As many little children dress up as angels for their school and church Christmas pageants during this Christmas week, 27 of these children and teachers are enjoying their first few hours in heaven. Most probably many of these innocent victims would have been in church pageants these few days before Christmas. 

We remember them today, as the funerals of these angels will be held all throughout this week. We pray for their parents, siblings, friends, relatives and the entire community of Newtown, Connecticut. We pray for the priests, ministers and other religious leaders who will have to comfort and console heart-broken families. May they rest in peace, and may they watch over us from their new home in heaven.

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  1. Fr Julian... you couldn't have said this better. Consoling words and thoughts in the midst of such indescribable pain that they are going through. May God blanket them in His love and peace.