Monday, December 31, 2012

End of Year photos

2 bucks, (male deer) encountered in Keating, OREGON

My weekly trip to my mission church in Halfway always provides me with frequent unusual surprises . Yesterday was a case in point as I encountered a family of deer, which I was able to photograph as they posed for me, as if giving me and the visitors of this blog a Happy New Year’s gift. 

The second photo especially is particularly interesting as it shows the male deer obediently crossing the road, precisely where the ‘Deer Crossing’ sign is posted, as the yellow diamond shaped sign shows. 
And as we end 2012, I recollect 5 milestones in my life this year, which are in no particular order:
1. Starting this blog, with over 27 thousands visitors so far.
2. Visiting Rome in May.
3. Visiting my family in April-May.
4. Seeing a new Bishop appointed to our Diocese.
5. Welcoming Bishop Liam Cary to the Cathedral, especially for the Christmas Masses.

Happy New Year! A Healthy and Peace-filled 2013 to all!

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