Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prayer for the Earth

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all that you gave us, and for all that we take for granted. We especially thank you today for the beautiful earth you gave us, this land we inhabit, this place we call home, this incredible planet, possibly one of thousands, maybe millions that are spread around our universe.
We are grateful for giving us everything we need, for creating seas and skies, water and immense oceans, trees and plants and flowers of every color and texture. We are grateful for the variety of animals you placed on this earth, the wild ones and the tame ones, for fish and birds that populate seas and skies with their song, hues and agility to move around so skillfully, and for those we have domesticated to become our companions and pets.
We are grateful for the creatures we use for food, for the staples we get from nature itself, the nutrition we receive from herbs, fruit, vegetables, berries and everything that nourishes us. Remind us always to improve on what you gave us, and never damage, destroy or annihilate the many little things we have around us, because we think they are not useful to us and our plans for survival.
We thank you for the ingenuity of the human body, for creating us in such a perfect form, male and female, with the intricacies and details that makes procreation and the continuation of the human race possible through the act of love between a man and a woman. We thank you for human interaction, for eyesight and speech, for the gift and use of our hands and feet, for a heart beating for a lifetime, for blood that circulates through miles of veins and arteries, for muscles and bones that make us move, twist and turn, run for joy and leap to lofty heights.
For this earth and the planets that give light and create darkness, we are grateful. May we never ignore or underestimate your greatness, your power and your love for all of us. Amen.

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