Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bend Cowgirls

Even though Bend is not a ranching town like Baker City and other towns I visited in the past 11 years, however there are some ranches with cows and mostly horses, including the Bomke ranch where two enthusiastic cowgirls, Makenna and Kelsea love their horses, respectively Flicka and CJ Cha Cha. While visiting them for some photos, I admired the love the horses have for young children and the reciprocal love these girls have for their pet quarter horses. Equipped with all the equine paraphernalia, the girls brushed them gently, walked them patiently and then literally kissed them goodnight, almost tucking them in, just as their own parents would do later on in the evening. 

I hope my two donkeys coming over this Sunday for the Palm Sunday procession are as gentle and obedient.

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