Friday, April 11, 2014

Always Welcome Inn

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I want to give credit and a great thanks today to Richard and Lynn Langrell for hosting most of the priests who traveled for the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral in Baker City. Lynn and Richard have been so graciously hosting priests for many years now, since priests travel hundreds of miles to be with their Bishop for the consecration of the Sacred Oils to be used in the parishes throughout the year. 
Since the Mass starts at 7 PM on the Thursday before Holy Thursday, and everything ends around 9:30 PM, with the distribution of the oils to all the priests, the majority of the priests cannot travel to their parishes in the middle of the night, and the Langrells have been very generous in offering hospitality at their comfortable and beautiful Always Welcome Inn Motel. In fact when I was in John Day and stayed with them overnight, they always they told me, "Don't worry, the pastor will take care of it..." I guess when I was Pastor there between 2005 and 2013, they probably told the priests "Don't worry, Father Julian will take care of it...." 
A very nice and comfortable Motel, off Route 84 in Baker City
And now that I have to rely once again on their hospitality and kindness, I cannot thank them enough, in the name of all the priests of the Baker Diocese. So in the future, if you're driving on Route 84 and want place to stay, make sure to contact the Langrells. They even installed a Miniature Golf Course adjacent to their Motel, which is ideal for families with young children, even though they told me their biggest fans are construction workers, who love to relax after a hard day's work by putting around their Mini-Golf course.
The Motel is located at 175 Campbell Street, Baker City, OR 97814  - with these phone numbers :  541-523-3431;   800-307-5206

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