Friday, April 18, 2014

Foot-washing on Holy Thursday

The first group of children being presented to the congregation
The celebration of Holy Thursday at St Francis in Bend was yet another historic moment with the Mass of the Last Supper, which included the traditional foot-washing ceremony of 24 children from our school and our Faith Formation classes. The children were dressed in Middle-Eastern outfits and represented the 12 apostles, besides other characters that were important in the passion of Christ, like St Martha, St Lazarus, St Simon of Cyrene, St Veronica, St Mary Magdalene, St Dismas (the good thief,) St Lazarus and others. 
It was a very solemn and humbling moment for me personally to do what Jesus did to the apostles on the day He instituted the Eucharist and the Priesthood.

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  1. Fr. Julian, Hapyy Easter! To you and beloved parishioners. I'm Fr. Francis X. Huang in Taiwan, KaoHsiung Diocese. I'm happy to know your blog and find much joy from your news! I've just shared some of your news on my facebook to inspire our brothers and sisters in Christ here in Taiwan. Thanks a lot! My facebook is under the name of Francis X. Huang.