Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last Supper display

A section of the Last Supper exhibition in Valletta, Malta
One of the most spectacular exhibitions opens today in Malta, and even though I took these photos 4 years ago, I imagine the set up will be very much the same. It is held in a beautifully gilded Oratory at Valletta, Malta, a Dominican Priory where a horse-shoe shaped table has a large number of decorated plates, using pasta, beans, lentils, split-peas, rice, salt, semolina and other edibles forming various designs and symbols related to the apostles and other prelates. Coat-of-arms of various Bishops, Popes and prelates are meticulously crafted and exhibited as these photos can show. 

The ingredients are then given to orphanages and elderly institutes, so that nothing is actually wasted. Large doughnut-shaped loaves of bread are placed at various intervals, with a chalice, oranges, olives, wine, etc, each section with the name of an apostle. This was by far one of the biggest surprises for me during Holy Week, and I share these photos for you to enjoy and cherish.

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