Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Food

Maltese figolli
It is quite a popular tradition that people bring Easter food baskets to church to be blessed, a custom which I am starting today in my new parish. Some photos may be posted later of this event, but many cultures have various food that are popular in their countries. The Polish are very fond of oplatki, wafers with religious embossed images. In Malta the most popular food is the Figolla - a pastry in the shape of a basket, heart, bear, rabbit, bird, butterfly, etc. This was one of my parents' specialty as they created these figolli for us over the years. My mother did the baking and my father did the decorations with icing. The method is very simple, creating two similar pieces of dough in the shape you prefer, then put almond filling inside, and press the edges together. After the baking is done, the pastry is decorated with icing, with an Easter egg on top.
A selection of figolli my parents made in the mid 1990s

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