Thursday, April 3, 2014

Miniature Statues (part 1)

The Agony in the Garden
Many young artists, sculptors and all-around enthusiasts showcase their work during the last part of Lent and especially during Holy Week. One such enthusiasts is a friend of mine from my home-town St Julian's, Chris Micallef. He has been creating these statues and other displays for quite a few years now, and these statues were displayed at his house, photographed during my visit in 2010. These first 5 show the progression of the passion of Christ, with 4 more to be shown tomorrow. I am sure they will be displayed for visitors and tourists in the coming days too. Chris's house is on Lapsi Street, a few doors up from the old Lapsi church.
The Betrayal of Judas
The Flogging at the Pillar
The Crowning with Thorns
Jesus carrying the Cross

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  1. Over the years this interest in Good Friday related art has grown immensely in Malta. Whilst I admire when such work is done with dedication and passion, I sometimes ask myself if this helps or distracts us from reflecting on the true meaning of Lent.