Thursday, August 27, 2015

The candles heavier than the cake

I thank God today for letting me reach the age of 30, after 33 years of experience and hard work. God has blessed me with a loving family and many extended families in Malta, New York and here in Oregon. As busy as I always am, I ask that God will give me many more years to be able to work in his vineyard. These grainy photos taken throughout the years from 1952 until now show mainly the change in hairstyle, otherwise thank God everything seems to be going well. 
The recent photos show me with two of our children at the Vacation Bible School, Madeline Lorenz dressed as Mother Teresa, also born on August 27, 1910, and Sophia Denning. The other one shows one of the over 30 couples I married over the past 12 months, Kate and Nate Blamey.
At  St Francis new church, Bend, Oregon.


  1. Come on Fr. Julian, you have aged well and not changed much from when ordained as priest. Best wishes from another Julian from your hometown.

  2. Happy birthday Fr Julian. From cousin Carmenu and Rose !