Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Santa Marija feast

The Cathedral church with the statue of the Assumption
In anticipation of the feast of the Assumption this coming Saturday, I want to go back 9 years and share 3 photos of the festivities held at the Cathedral parish in Victoria, Gozo, one of the Maltese Islands. Week-long festivities are held with marching bands, special Masses, fireworks and the big procession on the evening of August 15. 
The beginning of the Assumption procession
These photos I took in 2006 show the beloved statue of Mary being taken out in procession, and just before it enters the church late in the evening. Beautiful decorations are hung along the streets, with festive lights as dark descends. This celebration will repeat itself over the next few days. Moreover, 9 other parish churches in Malta celebrate the feast of the Assumption with similar processions and decorations.
Brightly lit banners hung along the streets of Victoira, Gozo, Malta