Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prayers appreciated

Plumes of fire from the Canyon City fire.
With the vast number of fires ranging on the west coast of the United States, I ask for prayers for the people in the path of the fires, these who lost property, and for the firefighters who are risking their lives fighting uncontrollable fires. One of the biggest fires is in Canyon City, just 2 miles south of John Day which was my first parish here in Oregon. I know some of my former parishioners who lost their homes. At least 30 homes were destroyed. 
The burnt area in Grant County, marked in red. (click to enlarge)
Another fire is south of Baker City, my former parish, and another one is in Madras, 40 miles north of Bend. The smoke is all over the place, and visibility is very hazy and thick smell of smoke is just about everywhere. Let us pray for those who lost lives, homes, property, those displaced form their homes, and the brave fire-fighters who are doing the best they can to contain these wild fires. 

Fires raging on Route 395, heading south on Starr Ridge mountain pass.