Saturday, August 1, 2015

Animals at the County Fair

A Siberian Tiger at the County Fair
These are a few photos I took at the Deschutes County fair held this week. Some of the wild ones of course were behind cages, but most of the farm animals were in their pens waiting to be judged, and then to be auctioned. As usual the temperatures soared into the low 100s, and I'm sure the animals felt the heat as many of them just slept through the entire week, stretching from time to time, as quick photographers took their picture.
A Texas Longhorn showing off her baby
A very patriotic sheep waiting for the judging
Two pigeons in love separated by the cage
"Tastie" the cow waiting for the auction
The cougar waking up from a long nap
The wealthiest goat, covered with lots of money
A bearded dragon perched for everyone to see
Two rabbits snuggling in their cage

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