Friday, October 17, 2014

One year at St Francis

"Thank you for all the support, encouragement and prayers."
It was October 17, 2013 when I started my ministry here at St Francis of Assisi parish in Bend. I look back today with gratitude and a sense of peace knowing that I did my best to bring harmony and joy among the parishioners. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but together we will continue to heal from past wounds and instil in everyone a sense of commitment and collaboration as we realize we are the Body of Christ. I need everybody's support to strengthen what we already have built over the past year. With Father Joseph, a capable staff, and all the people helping us in running the school, the Faith Formation program and countless programs and projects, we are determined to stay focused on our mission and vocation to serve you and bring you closer to God.
Enjoy some of the memories of the past year.
First Holy Communion Mass
Donkeys procession on Palm Sunday

Baptisms at the Easter Vigil
New Acolytes installed on September 28
Cooking split-pea-and-ham soup for "Dinner by Father"
Foot washing on Holy Thursday

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