Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby memories

I thought of sharing with you today three of my baby memories, although I don’t remember them, but my parents told me these stories happened when I was a baby. So they must have happened between 1952 and 1955.
The first relates to this photo of me on a tricycle. So many people are surprised to see me wearing a dress. First of all it is called, I was told, a ‘romper,’ and secondly my mother had two girls before me - so back then it was OK to wear hand-me-downs even if they were from an older sister. Who was I to complain, right? Moreover I was more concerned about balancing on a tricycle than what I was wearing.

The second story relates to me as a one-year old when neighbors came knocking on our door, alerting my parents that their baby was peeing on the people passing by underneath our open balcony.  And this naughty baby just giggled at everyone! Boys will be boys, even in Malta!
The third story was probably when I was 2 or 3, but thankfully I don’t remember it. We had a pepper plant in our garden, and I got hold of one of those red hot chilly peppers, and of course, as every toddler would do with something that is red, I put it in my mouth. My parents told me I cried for a whole week. And probably that is one of the reasons I hate hot weather and love the colder temperatures.

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