Friday, October 31, 2014

Clowning around

2014 - a jester for a day
On this celebration of Halloween, I share with you 4 photos of yours truly with a different costume, each with a story, starting with the most recent one. Earlier this week, our school children were taking reservations for their annual Yearbook, and one of the students was wearing a jester’s hat. So quickly I asked her if I could put it on - and lo and behold, a photo followed. Jester for a day.
2006 - a clown for a day
This reminded of the day I was asked to dress up as a clown during the St Francis de Sales parish picnic of Baker City in 2006. Very few children recognized me that day, and even the adults were wondering when is Father Julian going to show up for the picnic.
2004 - a minstrel for a day
The third one goes back to 2004, to my days in John Day when I took part in a concert or Madrigal Dinner, during which I played the flute as a member of a quartet, dressed as a minstrel, photographed here with the Jester in the play that was part of the successful evening.
2003 - a cowboy for a day
The last photo is the day I became a cowboy in 2003, at least for a day. I actually bought this black hat when arrived in Oregon, and thinking that it will match my clerical outfit, I was happy showing it off, until people were telling me “only the bad guys wear black hats.” Eventually a dear friend of mine gave me a grey one. And that’s when I became a good guy! A safe Halloween to our young children and trick-or-treaters.

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