Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Prayer to the Holy Spirit

1958 Pentecost stained glass in St Francis de Sales Cathedral

Holy Spirit, fill our leisure time with newness.
Fill the long watches of days off and weekends 

with a new way of life for which there is no pay.
Fill up these weekends with
- new things not yet thought,
- new sights not yet seen,
- new people not yet met or visited,
- new deeds not yet accomplished,
- new sounds not yet heard,
- and new places not yet walked.
Fill the long nights with a new style of living,
a new kind of caring.

Fill emptiness with new people whom we have not yet touched or visited,
- roads we have not yet driven,
- hopes we have not yet had,
- news we have not known,
- help we have not yet given,
Make our hours full - and our life long.
Come Holy Spirit, come, and change our world,
so that we can change the world and others too.

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