Wednesday, May 29, 2013


One of the most common scenes visible in houses here in Eastern Oregon is the head of a deer or elk hanging on a wall with its massive antlers displayed for everyone to admire. Of course the bigger the better and some antlers have 5 to 6 to 7 points, on each side! They are usually the pride of any hunter, and he or she will tell you with minute detail how they caught that particular deer or elk. However they cannot reveal where they caught it, otherwise they have to kill you - that's what I was told, so secretive is the exact location of the deer kill. Sometimes I come across some unusual set up of antlers as this tree I found in Pondosa, close to Baker City. The owner of this place decided to hang the antlers outside, nailed to a set up of trellis, and for everyone to admire, included the inquisitive photographer like myself who was stunned when I came across this contraption. Apparently antlers are indestructible, since no snow, rain, nor wind can damage them. Every male deer and elk drop their antlers once a year and soon after grow another set.

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